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Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester

The AKTEK Model TP9100M combines the features of the TP1100M/TP1200M Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve and the AKTEK Model TP8100M Flame Arrester. Standard superior Buna-N seating diaphragms ensure an exceptionally tight seal to prevent the escape of sludge vapors. The valve is equipped with a self-draining housing body and drip rings, safeguarding the seating surface from condensate and freezing.

Whether in the form of Model TP1100M/Model TP8100M or Model TP1200M/Model TP8100M, this system is designed to protect your tank from damage caused by overpressure or excessive vacuum. Simultaneously, it provides defense against externally induced sources of heat and ignition. The outcome is a reduction in emission levels and an enhancement of fire protection and safety.

• Sizes: 2" through 12"
• Pressure settings: 2.0 mbar to 1034 mbar
• Vacuum settings: 2.0 mbar to 827 mbar
• Available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials
• Factory Mutual approved most sizes and materials of flame element
• Proven spiral wound, crimped ribbon, flame element
• In non-biogas applications, this product is designated 11000/11600
• Approvals: CE Approved

Benefits of Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester

  1. Pressure Relief: The primary function of the Pressure Relief Valve is to protect storage tanks and vessels from overpressure situations. It automatically opens to release excess pressure, preventing potential damage to the tank.

  2. Vacuum Relief: The Vacuum Relief Valve protects tanks from collapsing or imploding due to excessive vacuum conditions. It allows air to enter the tank when a vacuum is formed, maintaining the structural integrity of the vessel.

  3. Flame Arrester Function: The integrated Flame Arrester provides a critical safety feature by preventing the propagation of flames into the tank or vessel. It extinguishes any external flames, enhancing overall fire safety.

  4. Environmental Protection: By preventing overpressure and vacuum situations, the Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve ensures the containment of volatile substances. This contributes to environmental protection by minimizing the risk of leaks or releases.

  5. Equipment Protection: The system protects not only the tank but also associated equipment and pipelines from the potential damage caused by pressure fluctuations, ensuring the longevity of the entire system.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves with Flame Arresters are designed to meet industry regulations and safety standards. Their implementation aids in compliance with environmental and safety guidelines.

  7. Fire Safety Enhancement: The Flame Arrester component significantly enhances fire safety by preventing flames from entering the tank. This is crucial in industries where flammable liquids or gases are stored.

  8. Automatic Operation: The valves operate automatically, responding to changes in pressure and vacuum conditions without the need for manual intervention. This ensures a rapid and efficient response in critical situations.

  9. Versatility and Adaptability: Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves with Flame Arresters are versatile and adaptable to various industries, including petrochemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more, offering protection in diverse applications.

  10. Reduced Risk of Explosions: By preventing the formation of explosive atmospheres within the tank, the system reduces the risk of explosions, enhancing overall safety in industrial settings.

  11. Long-Term Cost Savings: The implementation of a reliable Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester system results in long-term cost savings by preventing potential equipment damage, environmental cleanup costs, and regulatory fines.

In summary, the Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester system provides a comprehensive solution for protecting tanks, equipment, and the environment, ensuring safety, compliance, and operational efficiency in various industrial applications.

Applications of Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester

Petrochemical Industry: These valves find extensive use in the petrochemical industry, safeguarding storage tanks holding volatile substances from overpressure, vacuum conditions, and potential fire hazards.

Oil and Gas Facilities: Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves with Flame Arresters are essential in oil and gas facilities to protect tanks and vessels from pressure variations and to prevent the propagation of flames in case of external ignition sources.

Chemical Processing Plants: In chemical processing plants, these valves play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of storage vessels by preventing overpressure or vacuum situations and enhancing fire safety.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical facilities utilize these valves to ensure the safety and integrity of storage systems holding various chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Storage and Distribution Terminals: Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester systems are employed in storage and distribution terminals for bulk liquids, ensuring safety during loading, unloading, and storage operations.

Tank Farms: Tank farms, where multiple storage tanks are clustered, benefit from these valves to provide comprehensive protection against pressure and vacuum fluctuations, as well as potential fire hazards.

Environmental Protection Systems: Industries focused on environmental protection use these valves to prevent the release of volatile substances into the atmosphere, minimizing the risk of environmental contamination.

Wastewater Treatment Plants: In wastewater treatment plants, where the potential for the release of hazardous gases exists, these valves contribute to safety and environmental protection.

Industrial Facilities with Flammable Liquids: Facilities dealing with flammable liquids, such as refineries and chemical manufacturing plants, employ these valves to enhance fire safety and prevent accidents.

Tanker Trucks and Railcars: Mobile storage units like tanker trucks and railcars utilize these valves to ensure the safety of liquid transport by preventing overpressure and controlling potential fire hazards.

Marine Applications: Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester systems are used in marine applications to protect storage tanks on ships, ensuring safety during maritime transportation.

These applications highlight the versatility and critical role of Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester systems across various industries where the safe handling and storage of volatile substances are paramount.

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