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Gauge Hatch

TP11100M Gauge Hatch – Locked TP11200M Gauge Hatch Hınged Cover TP11300M Non Atmospherıc Gauge Hatch

Tank Blanketing Valve

The Model TP12100M is a pilot-operated valve specifically designed for tank blanketing. It automatically opens and closes as needed to maintain a closely controlled blanket pressure. The simple design increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs. Typical Applications Blanketing of medium and large tanks Benefits Lower maintenance costs are achieved through fewer parts, and replacement parts […]

PVV & FA Combination

Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve & Flame Arrester The AKTEK Model TP9100M combines the features of the TP1100M/TP1200M Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve and the AKTEK Model TP8100M Flame Arrester. Standard superior Buna-N seating diaphragms ensure an exceptionally tight seal to prevent the escape of sludge vapors. The valve is equipped with a self-draining housing body […]

Swivel Joints

Applications The unparalleled success of ATECO® Loading Systems can be attributed largely to another groundbreaking innovation in liquid handling—the ATECO® swivel joint. This component ensures the continuity of fluid transfer between two mobile sections. The durability of the ATECO® swivel joint has been field-proven and consistently improved since its introduction in the early 2000s. The […]

Tank Vent Odour Filter

Tank Vent Odour Filter Tank Vent Systems with Odour Filters for Storage Tanks effectively eliminate odours and prevent complaints or claims from neighbors. The AKTEK Model TP14100M includes specially designed Tank Vent systems with a Carbon Odour Filter for addressing odour issues in Oil and Oil product storage tanks. • Air Baffle: Collects >90% of […]

Flame Arresters

TP9100M Flame Checks TP8400M Flame / Deflagratıon Arrester TP8200M Flame / Detonatıon Arrester TP8100M Flame Arrester Vertıcal Installatıon TP8500M Flame Arrester Wıth Pressure Vent TP8300M Flame Arrester Horızontal Installatıon TP8600M End Of Lıne Flame Arrester TP10100M Pressure Vacuum Relıef Valve (Small Type) TP8700M Flame Arrester Wıth Emergency Vent TP8800M Flame Arrester Wıth Free Vent TP4200M […]

Pressure Vacuum Vents

TP1100M Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve TP1100M Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve Spring TP1200M Pressure Vacuum Relıef Valve W/Pıpe Away TP1200M Pressure Vacuum Relıef Valve W/Pıpe Away Sprıng TP2200M Pressure Relıef Valve TP2100M Pressure Relıef Valve W/Pıpe Away Feature TP2300M Pressure Relıef Vent Body Type TP3100M Vacuum Relıef Valve Top Mount TP3300M Vacuum Relıef Valve Top Mount […]

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