Brandium R5 Residence F:4 D:28 Atasehir / Istanbul - TURKEY

Юрий Криворот

We’ve partnered with Aktek for 11+ years, and highly recommend them for their exceptional tank equipment performance and professionalism.

Abraham Philip

Aktek, our trusted partner for years, consistently delivers high-quality tank equipment, enhancing the success of our storage tank projects.  


Aktek products have been successfully installed in Algeria, Somalia, Nigeria, and Mozambique, consistently delivering top-quality performance.

Sanjıv V. D’SOUZA

When it comes to storage tank equipment, Aktek is our trusted name. Their unparalleled quality and reliability have transformed our projects.

Guilherme Toscano

For 8 years, we’ve partnered with Aktek for our plant’s tank equipment, consistently receiving excellent products and technical support.

Jorge Bendeck

Aktek Technology Engineering has been our trusted partner for years, providing us with top-of-the-line equipment for our storage tanks terminal needs.

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